The Accreditation Improvement Program: What is it?

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The Accreditation Improvement Program: What is it?

Post by Admin - Engineers Canada on Tue May 30, 2017 2:54 pm

The Accreditation Improvement Program is essential to ensuring that engineering education accreditation continues to be delivered in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Accreditation is dependent upon the work of hundreds of expert volunteers and the participation of Higher Education Institutions. The H.E.I's and volunteer's time commitment must be used in the most effective manner possible. Education programs that seek accreditation have voiced concerns over using significant amounts of resources to participate in accreditation, in terms of collecting the data necessary to show compliance with accreditation and to complete all the preparations to receive a visit. This program seeks to make the best use possible of scarce resources, while promoting the continual improvement of engineering education in Canada. The program will ultimately supports a strong and sustainable Engineering Profession and enhanced international mobility of engineering graduates.

This program includes 5 sub projects.

Accreditation Process Improvement: Accreditation System Project
Reduce workload for Higher Education Institutions & Volunteers by automating the management of information in the Accreditation of Engineering Programs process.

Accreditation Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Project
Establish change leadership strategies and tactics to ensure the appropriate level of stakeholder consultation, involvement and awareness of any changes planned or in progress for Accreditation. It is anticipated this project will transition to an ongoing operational program once established.

Accreditation Visit Team Onboarding and Enablement Project
Provide the processes, tools and training to ensure all visit team members are appropriately prepared for a site visit.

Accreditation Continuous Improvement Project

Establish a repeatable, sustainable approach for identification, prioritization and delivery of ongoing improvements to Accreditation   

Enrolment Database Project
The development of a new Enrolment and Degrees Awarded (EDA) Database solution to maintain / improve the ability to annually collect information and report on enrolment, degrees awarded and resources.

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