Adding the Enrolment Database to the Accreditation System

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Adding the Enrolment Database to the Accreditation System

Post by Admin - Engineers Canada on Tue May 30, 2017 2:47 pm

Enrolment Database Project will be included as part of the Accreditation Improvement Program.

The development of a new Enrolment and Degrees Awarded (EDA) Database solution to maintain / improve the ability to annually collect information and report on enrolment, degrees awarded and resources.


One solution that encompasses all pieces of the program
Streamlined process for staff and volunteers
One system to access  and complete multiple functions
One RFP process
Enrolment Database could be started first to ensure deadlines are met. (assumption)

Considerations (Risks) :
Deployment will need to be carefully planned and staged
Implementation of the Enrolment Database may not be feasible for the end of this year
The current enrolment database could fail prior to a new solution being implemented
Privacy laws will dictate/limit the way information will be collected, accessed, shared and compiled.

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