A New Accreditation System

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A New Accreditation System

Post by Admin - Engineers Canada on Tue May 30, 2017 2:37 pm

The new system which is currently being developed by Engineers Canada is in its early stages of development and before moving forward and acquiring a vendor to build the system - it is crucial that stakeholders provide their input to ensure that requirements are captured and encompass the needs of the users who will be using the system.

The system will provide a single sign in solution for the Enrolment Database, Accreditation Requests submitted by HEIs as well as be a place for all volunteers who conduct site visits to obtain training and conduct their work from start to finish.

Please find the identified must have requirements of the proposed system:

Enrolment Database

Functionality to prepare, send out, and respond to Annual Enrolment and Resources Survey
Functionality to prepare and complete the Enrolment and Resources questionnaires
Functionality to conduct analysis and prepare reports of survey data

Accreditation System

Functionality to prepare all pre-visit documentation;
Functionality to maintain records of Accreditation status and history
Functionality to manage volunteers
Functionality to manage Accreditation Project tasks, due dates, and status
Functionality to conduct analysis and prepare reports of accreditation data

Have we missed anything?

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